Saturday, September 1, 2007

an email from an architect/artist

Few days ago, I got this email from an artist who I never meet. I was greatly humbled by what he said. I wanted to post it here to share with you, hoping that my peers will be as proud as I do for their great work on those films. Anyway, this is one of the ultimate drives for me to work harder and do better.

Dear Xiangyuan Jie,

Thank you for your work in Lilo and Stitch. I saw a link to your work via .

Originally, my wife and myself are both from Hawaii. My wife's father is an anthurium farmer which are those weird plastic looking heartshaped flowers that you have in your Lilo and Stitch sidewalk sketch. The movie made us homesick for the lush greenery of Hawaii.

Your mastery of watercolors and oil paintings are inspiring. I have enjoyed all of your movies with my children. There is something special that is contained in the "old fashioned" Disney movies, something that is lost in the slick 3d movies that are now produced. We are trying our best to raise our children so that they love to draw and paint.
I am glad to have found you through the internet highway of artist. I will bookmark you and return to your works for inspiration. And I hope to see more of your work in future movies.


Kris Yokoo
Architect / Artist

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